The cooling and dehumidification system removes moisture from the room by recirculating the air inside the elevator waiting area,underground passageway,corridor,and underground floor.

It can adjust the relative humidity of the elevator waiting space,underground passage,and underground floor to the appropriate level of 50%. Compared to other companies,the installation space is installed on the ceiling or ceilings,allowing the free and easy control of indoor humidity through ductwork.

By applying the ideal waffle type pin,rapid dehumidification is possible in the air conditioning room,increasing the heat capacity of the evaporator,preventing the indoor air from rapidly rising during dehumidification.

By pumping the low temperature condensate from the evaporator and into the upper part of a condenser formed by high temperature compression,the heat capacity,and the compression ratio of the dehumidifier have been significantly improved.

Each component can be customized so that it can be manufactured as a customer-preferred product with the parts that consumers want. You can choose the exterior color according to the customer's requirements,and paint including the customer's corporate logo. In addition,you can WARNING_SQL_INJECTIONH13 Hepar filter that can detect ultrafine dust and viruses and UV-C type LED lamp that is excellent for virus sterilization.

Condensate condensate from the evaporator can be selected as a forced drainage pump or as a natural drainage system.