SizeWidth :1500mm,Length :1600mm Height :1460mm
Motor3 Motors(7.5HP,7.5HP,5HP).380V,415V/50Hz,60Hz,3-Phase.
Cut up to the Busbar sizeT15 × 220mm
Bend up to the Busbar sizeT15 × 220mm
Busbar Punching3.4∤~ 25∤

Innovative Punching System
  • The punching system newly developed and acquired a patent in 2007 with an advanced concept.
  • Reduce the working time innovatively and increase work efficiency because unnecessary work,such as putting a punching jig or changing the punching jig,is not required.
  • The large-capacity punching operation is available at any part of the 220-mm bus bar by using the guide on the left,right,and rear sides.
  • The positioning control of the bus bar punching is available by checking the graduated ruler because of the effective arrangement of the graduated ruler.

Automatic BusBar Bending System
  • Manual operation:Increases work efficiency by 10 times with the attached angle indicator newly developed in 2007 to watch the angle of work during bending
    Convenient operation because of the detachable angle indicator
  • Automatic operation(Optional): Bending of the desired thickness and angle of a bus bar by workers is available during the automatic operation. (The angle can be not exact accurate vary depending on the material of the bus bar. In this case,adjust point of folding angle.)


Accurate BusBar Cutting System
  • Set each length and cut during the operation with a large amount of bus bar.
  • Move the horizontal axis guide bar,fix it according to the figure to cut,and cut.
  • The worktable is mounted with a bus bar rack to fix the bus bar. Rail-type grooves were made in this bus bar rack to prevent wobble and maintain a right angle all the time.
  • Cutting can be done to up to T15×220 mm. To adjust the vertical axis guide bar,the center of the ruler attached on the die is zero. Fix the vertical axis guide bar at 50 mm to cut a 100-mm bus bar in the center.

Accessories for NSB-606A and 607

- Round-hole punch die(φ7,φ9,φ12,φ14),oblong-hole punch die(9×12,12×15,14×18)

Optional busbar mold

- 203 404 Busbar Forming Block for Switchgear Box (optional)

- Bending mold for shorten bending distance (optional)

Auxiliary Equipment

- Stopper:A tool that attaches to the existing punching stopper. It prevents a bus bar after punching when a bus bar with a small width (15 mm or less) is punched.