1. Powerful freezing ability

-As the refrigerant non-distribution phenomenon that occurs in the float chamber method is improved and a specially designed orifice is used,it exhibits excellent refrigeration ability for even distribution of refrigerant and automatic adjustment of the amount of refrigerant.

2. Energy saving

-The heat exchanger of the evaporator and condenser has been dramatically improved by using the high-performance heat transfer tube [THERMOEXCEL].

* Heat transfer tube for evaporator [THERMOEXCEL-CK1] The heat transfer tube is processed into a micro-fin shape with a pointed tip to facilitate condensation and dropping of refrigerant. Compared to this,the heat transfer performance has been improved. * For boiling heat transfer [THERMOEXCEL-EK1] By increasing the foaming point of air bubbles and processing a circumferential tunnel at the bottom of the surface to accelerate boiling,the refrigerant inside the tunnel evaporates rapidly and boiling is complete and continuous. In order to improve the heat transfer performance of cold water,the groove protrusion is processed inside,so the heat transfer performance is improved compared to THERMOEXCEL.

3. Differential pressure operated bleed device

-The extraction device that discharges the non-condensed gas inside the refrigerator to the outside is a heat-exchanging device that automatically operates by using the pressure difference between the evaporator and the condenser,and does not require a separate major pump,so operating costs are saved,operation is simple,and trouble-free There is not.

4. Refrigerant regeneration device

-By separating the lubricating oil contained in the refrigerant,the efficiency of the refrigerant is increased and the lubricating oil is recovered to the oil tank to prevent waste of lubricating oil.

5. Micom Control System

-It saves energy by controlling the compressor capacity by PID control so as to achieve the maximum efficiency of a refrigerator using ASIC's MCS of advanced control technology,DDC (Direct Digital Control).