1. Eco-friendly

-High efficiency is achieved by applying a refrigerant that has no index of ozone depletion and has no toxicity.

2. Optimal design through internal flow analysis

-Compressor efficiency has been improved by improving the flow path of the impeller and applying the optimum rotation speed.

-Ultra-precision aluminum alloy impeller with ideal three-dimensional shape in rape mechanics is adopted.

3. Stable performance guarantee

-The high-pressure design above atmospheric pressure extends the life of the refrigerator to show continuous performance,and the life of the motor is guaranteed as there is no contamination caused by non-condensable matter.

4. Extensive capacity limits

-Continuous operation up to 10~100% is possible with efficient interlocking control of Inlet Guide Vane,Movable Diffuser and Hot Gas Bypass.

5. Energy saving

-Energy saving is achieved by using the latest high-performance heat transfer tube and adopting a two-stage compression method with economizer applied.

* High-performance heat transfer tube [THERMOEXCEL-KWE]

In order to promote boiling and increase the foaming point of air bubbles,a circumferential tunnel is processed under the surface.

The refrigerant inside the tunnel evaporates rapidly,so boiling is complete and continuous.

Double grooves and protrusions are processed to improve heat transfer performance.

* Heat transfer pipe for condenser [THERMOEXCEL-CKW]

The heat transfer tube for the condenser is processed into a micro-fin shape with a pointed tip that makes it easy to drop refrigerant condensation.

Double grooves and protrusions are processed to improve heat transfer performance.

-High efficiency has been achieved by applying the Sub-Cooling System and precise control of the Expansion Valve considering the characteristics of the partial load.

6. Realization of low noise

-Reduced noise by applying precision-processed impeller,adopting optimum rotation speed,and designing a low-noise structure.